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Rebuilding confidence  --the AUTOM Wheel orders into an asset growthAUTOMobile aluminum wheels industry is typical of capital and labor intensive, industry threshold not low. But as the global car industry of the great business opportunity temptation, in recent years into aluminum wheels of the car industry private enterprise is not a few, cause the car aluminum wheels enters into the industry excess capacity ranks, competition is intense, forced down many enterprises.AUTOM Wheel company is one that started earlier of the whole jinhua region . But for many years AUTOM has been in the fire slow development condition, missed a lot of good  opportunity. Beginning in July, the company top adjusted the management ideas, sales team passionate explosions with customer order barrage flying, order structure and quality also increased. From the sales department we know that, the order of this year's has fully, customer order intention has also basic confirmation next year, sad sight is capacity. Now the sales and production with the pressure, mainly from how to balance and the order of the single contradiction. After all capacity can't mutations, and if the single delayed by don't pay, unable with the customer account, it will affect our reputation.Therefore, how to guarantee the quality of the product in the basis of breakthrough capacity bottlenecks as soon as possible, become AUTOM wheel's top priority. The company has established by technical innovation gradually upgrade the production plan, and is, item by item, implement, and strive to achieve by the end of the year in the existing capacity based on the goal of double.AUTOM wheel company orders comes into an asset growth, this situation hard-won, giving us to create a good development wedge machine. We should come together and work together hold this rare opportunity, surf, making AUTOM wheel on the new step!

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