AUTOM Set Up Company Office Meeting System(Hits:) 
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In order to improve the AUTOM’s strategy implementation efficiency, condensed the collective wisdom, and to achieve the company production and operation management of the timely and effective, fair and reasonable, AUTOM has to establish the company office meeting system. The company office meeting with "resources efficiency maximization, time efficiency maximization and the strategy implementation acme" for the purpose. In the future the company mainly production and operation policy, system, measures and policies and other important matters employees, the office meeting have to discuss .   AUTOM’s office meeting members are make up by the company executives and the key departments, core production workshop supervisor composition.After the system, AUTOM will not only improve the production management work timeliness, validity, but also can promote the standardization, rationality, personnel policies, so as to increase the rallying power and combat effectiveness of the team.

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